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Meet The World’s Most Energy-Efficient Heater

Heatfiniti is a super-compact and ultra-energy-efficient heater that plugs right into an outlet to heat up any room in record time.

It’s equipped with unique heating tech that heats your environment almost instantly while using 30% less power, saving you money on your heating bill this winter.

  • Ultra-Energy-Efficient
  • 5-Second Heat-Up
  • Compact & Portable
  • Built-In Timer & Heating Modes
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Heat Up Any Room Instantly Using 30% Less Energy

Tired of paying high energy bills? Prepare yourself for those cold winter months! Our unique and patented heating technology can heat your home without the high energy bill.


Heatfiniti uses 30% less energy than other heaters.

Quick Heat-Up Time

This unit can quickly heat up in three seconds

LED Display and Timer

Easy-to-read LED display that offers complete control over heat settings and a 12-hour timer.

Compact & Lightweight

Easily carry it from room to room with ease.

Overheat Protection

Heatfiniti instantly switches off in high-temperature conditions for your complete peace of mind

Zero noise

Heatfiniti is super quiet when in use.

Meet Heatfiniti

Heatfiniti is the world’s first portable heater that’s truly energy-efficient yet powerful. It can make any room warm and toasty in record time. Its unique heating technology uses less power, making it more energy-efficient than other electric heaters or your home’s central heating system.

By using Heatfiniti, you can quickly make any cold room comfortable and warm while getting big savings on heating costs!

How Does Heatfiniti Work?

Heatfiniti can quickly and easily heat up any room in just a few minutes. All you have to do is plug in the device, and it will automatically start releasing hot air. Thanks to a convenient LED timer, you can easily set the desired shut-off time.

Heatfiniti will turn off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to unplug it.

Unlike most space heaters, where you only have the option to set it at a low, medium or high power mode, Heatfiniti lets you set your desired temperature between 60°F to 90°F / 18°C to 35°C.

Ceramic Convection Heating Technology

Heatfiniti’s most important feature is its heating power. Heatfiniti doesn’t work like regular heating systems; instead, it uses our patented Ceramic Convection Heating Technology. This new technique can heat any room or space in less than 5 minutes.

Compact and portable

Heatfiniti can be used in places where traditional heating systems wouldn’t work, and that’s because it plugs directly into a power outlet! This makes Heatfiniti the world’s first truly portable heating system.

It’s only about the size of a shoe, so you can literally take Heatfiniti anywhere you go and plug it into any outlet to instantly heat your space in record time without having to turn on your home’s costly central heating system.

Truly energy efficient

Not only is the Heatfiniti 30% more energy-efficient than most standard heating systems, its unique design lets you save big time on heating costs. Unlike traditional central heating systems that heat your entire home, Heatfiniti only heats the areas you want to. You simply carry it with you as you move from one room to another inside your home.

Increase comfort & health, reduce noise

An uncomfortably cold environment has an obvious negative impact on your mind and body, making your home feel like an unpleasant place to live.

When your house is too cold, it can even have a negative impact on your health, often contributing to respiratory disease in children and cardiovascular disease in older people.

Unlike most heaters that can be annoyingly loud, the Heatfiniti transforms any room into a comfortable, healthy, and quiet working environment.

"My top choice for an electric heater in the winter season"

"I love Heatfiniti. There is no comparable product when it comes to value for money. It’s just unbelievable to see how much heat output this tiny heater has while being this extremely energy-efficient."


Nathaniel R.

Home Heating Expert

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Heatfiniti

Benjamin Verified Buyer

Works great, I use it to warm up my upstairs bathroom during cool/cold mornings, & it works fantastic. Wish I bought it last year. Great little heater.

Jennifer Verified Buyer

I love this little heater. When we bought our house, we didn’t notice that there were no air vents in the bathroom. So in the winter, it’s really cold in there. I turn this little thing on about 10 min before I get in the shower, and it keeps it pleasantly warm. It’s a great little size and it’s perfect.

Andrew Verified Buyer

I have my work desk near a drafty window, and I get really cold in the winter. I needed to find a personal heater that was small enough to not overcrowd my workstation but strong enough to provide me with some much-needed comfort on those unbearably cold days. This was perfect! And it works great. I was so surprised by the amount of heat you get out of this little thing. Very stylish and quiet. Definitely recommend!

Benjamin Verified Buyer

Bought this for our daughter, who has a very old and drafty house in Boston. In the winter, her tiny bathroom is freezing, and it is unsafe to use a floor heater too close. This little device is fabulous, she says. She plugs it in for about 5 min prior to showering and the bathroom gets warm almost instantly. This device did much better than the floor models she had been using.

Jennifer Verified Buyer

What a great device! First, I couldn’t believe that it would work because it’s so small. But it really does a great job. It can easily warm my room! Very impressed with its performance!

Andrew Verified Buyer

This little ceramic heater is just perfect for a small room and has no cord to trip on since it plugs right into the wall. It even has a timer and is very low-cost to run. No more having to plug a dangerous space heater in the bathroom or turn the heat up in the entire house. Looks like a real money-saver!

Benjamin Verified Buyer

Great little heater. The plug rotates so you can adjust the position of the heater if needed; top or bottom outlet, upside down or sideways. It puts out just enough heat to keep our little bathroom warm. We can turn it up when we shower to make it toasty, but we usually just leave it at 68°F, and it shuts off after it does its job. Surprisingly effective and inexpensive solution.

Jennifer Verified Buyer

This heater instantly produces heat. It’s perfect for small areas such as bathrooms. It’s so convenient since it’s small and cordless. You could easily pack it for travel or take it to the office. It definitely met my expectations. Even though it instantly heats up, it will still take a little time to warm a small space, but I totally expected that.

Andrew Verified Buyer

Got this for my mother as she spends most of her time in the TV room. The room is 10x10 with sliding glass doors. It definitely keeps the room as warm as she wants while being able to keep the rest of the house cooler.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Heatfiniti.

Heatfiniti can heat any regular-sized room, bedroom, living area, office, bathroom, and more in a matter of minutes.
Yes, you can set a timer on the Heatfiniti, but it also works without setting a timer. Heatfiniti has an auto shut-off safety feature.
Yes, Heatfiniti is 30% more energy-efficient than most traditional electric heaters. And by using Heatfiniti instead of your home’s regular heating system, you only heat the room(s) you’re in, which lets you save on your heating bill.
Estimated shipping time is usually 5-7 working days after you have received the order confirmation email. Delivery time may vary depending on weight, package size, and destination.